About the CIIS Resource Center

The CIIS Resource Center is a self-service system that will allow you to do the following:
  • Enroll your organization for participation in CIIS.
  • Submit new user account requests.
  • Access training information and resources.
  • Provide access to electronic data exchange guidelines and CIIS messaging specifications.
  • Test Health Level 7 (HL7) messages generated from your EHR against CIIS specifications for formatting accuracy (HL7 validation).
  • Register your intent for Promoting Interoperability Immunization Reporting.
  • Print Promoting Interoperability Report Card, which can be used for attestation documentation.
  • Submit online support tickets to the CIIS Help Desk for assistance.

Next Steps

  • Review the options below for additional information.
  • Enroll your site/group in the CIIS Resource Center. For more information, review the Guidance Documents for Enrollment, under Resource Materials, on the right tab of this screen.

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