Cancer Reporting Back
The CoPHR system currently provides a central location for Eligible Providers in Colorado to register their intent to report cancer cases to the Colorado Central Cancer Registry for Promoting Interoperability. This system also provides a centralized location to access all critical attestation communications pertaining to public health reporting with the Colorado Department of Health and Environment (CDPHE) concerning Cancer Reporting attestation.

Who is Eligible for Cancer Reporting?

  • Cancer Reporting is an option for Eligible Providers seeking to use Measure Option 3: Specialized Registry Reporting to meet the Public Health Reporting Objective, beginning with Promoting Interoperability Stage 2.
  • Eligible Providers must diagnose and/or treat patients for cancer in order to qualify for reporting to the cancer registry.
  • Hospitals are not eligible to report cancer cases for the purposes of Promoting Interoperability.

For more information about cancer reporting with CDPHE for Promoting Interoperability, click on Promoting Interoperability, above.